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Her Reluctant Groom

But there are problems. Now I was under the impression that the First Order rose from the ashes of the fallen Galactic Empire. They learned from the mistakes of the past regime and have risen to supplant them, correct? Did I miss something there? That spends literal minutes looking sideways at their boss as he fumbles to make a single Resistance pilot take him even a little bit serious. Period again. Yes, I know it was levity, and it was a really fun scene.

It was hilarious. Again, this is cool, the fact that the Resistance fleet is able to just barely remain outside their range keeps them alive long enough to add drama and weight to every scene, this is good sci-fi! Ok, so the Leia thing. We all wanted to mourn her, OK? But this power she manifests to our shameful chagrin, the ability to move herself in space, without oxygen, without a space suit, perhaps even without consciousness?

Like lose your mind you just saw someone do this kinda stuff.

Joel Edgerton Plays Sir John Falstaff

And then she stays back. The whole movie. Side: I had hoped Leia would use a Jedi Mindtrick to make Laura Dern take her place on the shuttle and Leia would be able to go down with the ship, so to speak. So then Finn and Rose link up because of reasons and they go to a different planet on a ship that has enough fuel to get them there and back and not get caught by the First Order but not enough to do this a bunch of times and save all their lives, right?

Oh yeah, Rey is in this movie, like a lot, and let me tell you, she is bowed up! It was Yoda plus a little more guilt. I got him. But she and Luke waste too much time. He was brilliant in the film, it drives me crazy that anyone ever criticized a single aspect of his performance in TFA and TLJ is just further proof of what Adam is capable of bringing to the role.

He never even got to the third lesson, right? Second of all, that mirror scene: Rian, dude, screw you. No one. I wanted it to be literally anyone else. If that place was of the dark side, and it was supposed to tempt her like Luke was tempted in the cave in Empire , then Rian Johnson failed spectacularly in that effort. If it was supposed to confuse and annoy, bingo.

Eye roll together now. So rather than have a scene before Rey leaves where Luke uses multiple projections of himself around the island to help give her last minute guidance and tidbits of Jedi wisdoms , while also displaying his immense power and ability to create fake images of himself, it would set the stage for the climactic scene yet to come; instead, in nearly back-to-back scenes, after like 40 solid minutes of Luke and Rey jerking off in separate corners of the island, Kylo tells one side of the story of how he left Luke and became a bad-guy — then Luke tells the other side of the story, and then the other other side of the story.

How does the Force work? So remember how I said Rose and Finn link up and like somehow go to another planet?

But then they met Benicio Del Toro, playing a slick-talking-stuttering deus ex-machina , again just for reasons, but DJ is a cool character that will play some sort of Lando role of course for EP IX, right? They never help, anyone, or anything. They only ever make things worse or at least break-even. If T he Last Jedi is about the passion and love we have for a cause, Rose's character helps personalize that down to her feelings toward Finn.

As I mentioned above, Rose goes from mechanical engineer to bonafide hero in the last stand with the First Order. What sets Rose apart from other characters is that she's not willing to sacrifice herself, or to see anyone else die.

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In these big movies, we often find nobility and noble sacrifices inside them. The Last Jedi is defined by death. We see Snoke perish, Luke pass on, Leia dies and come back, Rose's sister dies, and Admiral Holdo sacrifices herself for the cause to go on.

The Hybrid

Her arc is not just to save him, but to set an example for all the rebels moving forward. The war cannot be about what and who they lost. It has to be about staying alive because of the people they love. Rose's arc is so central to the movie because it drastically shifts the entire thinking of Star Wars. Before this point, each battle and struggle was about sacrifices. Luke has been hiding away. Rey's parents abandoned her, Han and Leia lost a son, but Rose has already lost so much.

The Sword and the Rose- Trailer

Her refusal to lose more people, to see more death, subverts what we usually get from the series, and thus opens us up to new possibilities. The better thing here is that it makes her vastly different from all the other characters we've met so far. Rogue One was about all the characters you meet and learn to love dying so the first franchise could be born. As a franchise moves forward, you need to keep the story feeling fresh. The Last Jedi , led by characters like Rose, helps break open the brand to new and interesting stories we haven't yet seen. What I love about this character is that it does this shift seamlessly, by using someone so obsessed with the heroes of Star Wars she never even considerers her own heroic actions.

This inherent humbleness is not something we're used to from these stories. Luke wants to go off because he thinks he can make a difference, then gets to be the chosen one.

The Reluctant Suitor - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - Paperback

Rey is a reluctant hero, but by the second movie, she's the heir apparent. And Finn is running from his own shadow and the pressure that comes with it. Rose's arc helps us not only get a new emotional journey but also a new window into the kinds of characters that populate this world.

Lovers, fighters, and people who just want to survive. It humanizes the rebel forces not just as people who want to defeat the bad guys, but people who have wants and desires that go beyond "winning. They have a love for one another, the desire to build a family, and the hope that death is on its last legs, and a prosperous and happy life lies at the end of this war.

When it comes to screenwriting, everybody and their Aunt Ginger has a theory or philosophy. Some writers swear by Joseph Campbell's monomyth, others swear by Syd Field's three-act structure, and still others are like, "I don't have to follow any damn rules. They're all right. Stories can sprout up out of pretty much any structural paradigm you sow them in, but there is one narrative element that is almost always essential for storytelling: conflict.

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Click the link above to learn more! By stopping Finn from sacrificing himself, Rose is directly responsible for allowing the big battering-ram beam to kill all those nameless Rebel soldiers. Although both the characters have cruel pasts whereby Harrison Bainbridge was abused by his mother and his father never wanted anything to do with him while Jessye Kane was led astray and had an affair that led to a painful experience, they bothend up together in spite of the challenges each of them face.

They are able to heal one another bygiving each other solace. Both the two characters are introduced in the first book in the series, A Rogue in Texas. Lorraine Heath mainly carries out the writing work late at night while listening to a CD of a thunderstorm this assists in narrowing her focus to write without any other distractions. Among the books that have won her an award is a novel entitled, Always To Remember. The novel won the RITA award in The story is about forgiveness of wrongs both perceived and real. Her inspiration for the novel was a documentary from PBS special on the Civil War where she got the idea from a comment made about men who were from the same town serving in the sameunit hence if a unit was wiped out so far, there would be no men to return to the town.

She had the idea that what if only one man returned and the people thought he was a coward. From this Lorraine Heath was able to build her story to an award winning novel. She has the tendency of keeping her writing personas separate because it helps her in changing the mental shift from one character to another in the different novels that she has written.

Amongthe authors who influenced her writing include: Richelle Mead, Sophie Jordan, Marissa Meyer, but Catherine Clark is the most influential to her since from her books is where she got her flavoring for her young adult novels and because she enjoyed her stories so much since they had a deep emotional feature and there was deft characterization and detail to history and mastery of the small moments.

Lorraine Heath still writes together with her son by the name of J. She also writes popular contemporary, historical and paranormal novels under the names of Rachel Hawthorne and Jade Parker. Her dual nationality from a British mother and an American father has given heran opportunity to weave both heritages in her novels. Jack Reacher is back! The latest book in this extremely popular series, called Blue Moon , arrived on bookshelves at the end of October.

All Jack wants is to help an old couple and suddenly he is in the middle of a brutal gang war. Yep that sounds like Reacher.