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Each day of the week is presided over by an Angel and has a specific area of influence. For example Cassiel is the Angel of Sunday and Sunday is a day dedicated to Fortune ; this is thus the day when you should recite your Prayers for Fortune. It is the same for every other day. The time when you say a Prayer is crucial when it comes to fulfilling your wishes : it is defined by the Angel depending on the position of the Sun in space and on the nature of the influences that are derived from this position.

For your mind to be correctly focused on the Prayers you are going to recite, it must first be attuned to your body. They are a bit yoga-like and they will make you come into direct contact with the Celestial Spheres. As a result, you will feel an extraordinary well-being.

In the South lies Fire. In the North lies cold. Depending on the nature of the wish you will make, you will have to turn to one of these 5 spatial directions while you say your Prayer. Donning adequate clothing enables people to harmonize their vibrations with the energy of the Angels.

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White, symbol of purity, is the favorite color of the Angels. In order to know how to pray to make your wishes come true, I advise you to wear clothes of this color when you recite your Prayers. Also, since contact with the terrestrial energies is primordial, always say your prayers with bare feet.

Discover some more interesting articles from Padre:. Aller au menu Aller au contenu. Pinterest Facebook Instagram Twitter. Blog of the Angels angelical secrets to share. Discover how to pray to make your wishes come true How to pray to make your wishes come true — An Angel revelation Do you know how to pray to make your wishes come true?

Your Guardian Angel can offer you more information on praying! Would you like to know who your Protective Guardian Angel is?

I have decided to transmit some Precious Secrets to you that will turn Prayers into undeniable assets For those who wish to make their lives a success. How to pray to make your wishes come true I then sat down in a yoga posture, emptied my mind and waited for the Secret Teaching he had accepted to offer me with my arms stretched out to the Angel of my Vision. How to Pray to make your Wishes come True — Magical Advice Finally, this Divine Angel gave me several Magical Tips to respect so that the Sacred Prayers may produce all of their effects to fully and entirely fulfill your wishes.

Here is the list of these tips: Favorable Moon The Moon ascends and descends in the sky. The Day best suited to say your Prayers Each day of the week is presided over by an Angel and has a specific area of influence.

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