PDF Reconnected: How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self

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There is also self-hate and self-sabotage, which causes repeated life failures and goals unrealized.

This book, Reconnected, contains a methodology for filling the many emotional voids created in childhood. Since human beings are conditioned and programmed to live in and accept standards of living that do not respect the inner child, it is understandable why so many have so much chaos in relationships, families, schools, the work place, politics, and in communities in general. Creating the virtual family experience can fill those emotional voids plaguing the majority today.

Reconnected: How To Be a Mentor to Your Child-Self

After having this experience, it will be easier to handle real present-day situations effectively because the emotional voids are filled and a new way of managing life exists. What matters is to be armed with adequate life skills and management techniques.

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He has served the community as a Counselor in the fields of mental health, substance abuse and the previously incarcerated. Nazim also has served as teacher for the severely emotionally disturbed adolescents, autistic children and adults and private music students.

Reconnected: How to Be A Mentor to Your Child-Self | Self, Children, Self help

The concepts evolve sequentially to empower individuals to begin thinking and acting out behaviors that prove constructive and successful for themselves. However, each chapter can be used to complete an emphasis on specific topics, such as visualization of the internal and external virtual child.

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Examples that prove pervasive within cultures are given on addiction, parenting, behavior and lifestyles. This work is applicable to people at all levels of maturity, socioeconomic status, sociopolitical levels and parenting.

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