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I am starting row 8 and my pattern does not look anything like the finished product. I find the pattern difficult to follow. Do you prefer charts or think a chart would be helpful?

Pansy Crochet Pattern

If you like you can send me a picture if you want my help figuring it out. I am also having a great deal or problems with this pattern. Can you send a chart? I have never used a chart, but will try it as I really like the pattern. Thanks, Clara. Thank you so much for your very pretty shawl pattern. I really love the pattern combination and I hope to possibly make this for a upcoming birthday gift.

Thanks again. As rows 13 to 18 are repeated, each time they will have more pansies going across the row. Instead of writing these 6 rows over and over and over so that the pattern was pages long, I made a chart with the number of times things were being repeated in each set of 6 rows as the shawl grows. For rows , when it says Y times that is 4 times and when it says X times it means 3 times. On the next set of 6 rows, rows , when it says Y times that is 6 times and when it says X times it means 5 times.

This pattern looks lovely!

How To Crochet A Pansy Bouquet

I just have one question. How do I make it in different sizes? I read through the pattern, but I did not catch how to make a larger or smaller size. I love the look of this shawl. This will be a great addition to our patterns. Thanks so much for sharing. Always in need of yarn for our projects. Wow, you are amazing to be able to write out such a complex pattern.

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Thank you! We are also making shawl, poncho and cardigan for our own use and for sale.

This will be an added pattern. Thank you so much and God bless.

Free Pattern: Pansy Flower Crochet Pattern | Little Monkeys Crochet

Greetings, The Fan and Pansies Shawl is so beautiful. I am a beginner and would like to make a scarf, rectangle style. How would I do it with the Fan and Pansies stitches? The Fans make this ripple by their nature. If you want a rectangle, it will have to just be the pansies.

I can help with that if you are interested. Greetings, Yes! Thank you ever so much! So Happy I found you again!

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I want to understand exactly what you are needing. Are you wanting to know how many rows to make for a medium? Do you want the pattern written out row for row instead of having the chart with the number of repeats? My confusion is that if I end on row 17, that is a straight edge not a scalloped edge like the one shown in the photo? You are correct. I had said the wrong row. Thanks for letting me know. We are also crocheting for cancer victims so would like a variety of different patterns. Thanks for your help. I do have one question.

Would you recommend an edging for the top around the neck. It looks unfinished. I am confused about row 8. I chained 4 and what do I skip. On row 7 you made 4 dc in each of the ch spaces of each pansy. Between the two sets of 4 dc on each pansy there is a little gap.

After you chain 4, sc in each dc on either side of that gap. Yes, when it says skip before then it means to skip all those stitches. I am a fairly new crocheter, and I was doing okay until I got to Row 13 and In row 13, you are doing 4 dc for most of row. Row 14, keeps saying to skip 3 dc, and 1 sc, and pretty much continues with that.

If the row before has 4 dc how can the next row look for 3dc and 1sc? I am probably just dense.

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  • I love the looks of this shawl. On row 13 you were making a sc on either side of the pansies and making two sets of 4 dc in the pansies. For row 14 you will be making the lengths of ch specified 4 or 7 and making sc in each of the two topmost dc of each pansy. That is where the skipping of the 3dc and 1 sc comes in.

    Newly Added Crochet Patterns

    Before making those stitches you will be skipping the sc before the pansy and the first 3 dc and after making those two stitches you will be skipping the last 3 dc and the sc. Any plans for a short cape? My grandmother had one that started with short band at neck with tie. Shaped over shoulders and extended down over elbows almost to waist when seated. Did not get in way like a triangle does. Have looked for years to duplicate. No luck. Was it anything like this? Update on my shawl. I am on row 21, so it looks like I have finally got it. I am trying out this pattern, I am not good at reading them but I want to try this one,,,I am having difficulty with the end— dc in top of turning ch.

    The turning chain is the few chains that are made at the beginning of each row. It is called the turning chain because they are made and then the work is turned to make the next row. I read through it again and everything looks correct. Hi I just finishe row 12 and find myself a little confused as to how to follow your chart. It is really just to verify that you are on track.