Manual Hurt No More! A Journey of Healing from Abuse

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He whispered to her, "Remember, Elaine, Jesus loves you. He gently grasped her hand and they walked through the church doors and into a large room where children were singing. The words rang out and touched Elaine's heart. Unauthorized duplication prohibited. Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him.

He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf. Skip to main content. Search only: All News TV. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media. God's Healing Power for Abuse Survivors.

5 Powerful Self-Care Tips for Abuse and Trauma Survivors

Jan Coates. You did not choose me, but I chose you John a. The poem explains why: Then the master looked down and saw a vessel of clay.

The last stanza of "The Chosen Vessel" reads: Then gently he lifted the vessel of clay. Now meet some of the improbable women of yesterday. The Daughter of Evil : Elaine's Story "Elaine, hide under the bed and don't move," her mother whispered. Pray Believing. Find a Local Church Now. Get more than a Sunday sermon. Need Prayer? We are here to help and encourage you! Find Peace with God. Can God change your life? God made it possible for you to know.

Discover God's peace now. Get Email Updates. Bible Reading Plans. Email Updates Bible in a Year. Bible in a Year New Testament. Superbook Family Bible Plan.

Daily Devotional Reading Plan. Faith Building Emails. Email Updates 2 Foundations of the Faith. Share the Prayer.

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The Christian Broadcasting Network. Today's Scripture Hebrews Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him. I said OK, but inside I knew it wasn't. I just got real quiet. I guess you might say I started moping around the house. I wasn't very nice to her. I was in the bedroom watching the news and she came in to talk.

She starting asking me how I was feeling. Once she started seeing this therapist, she was always asking me, 'How do you feel? So I just ignored her. At this point Sam's eyes became intense, and his voice grew angry as he remembered. The next thing I knew I was on top of her, screaming as loud as I could. I had my hands around her neck and I was choking her. I mean I wasn't really choking her, but I was holding her down. And then we just kind of forgot about it. Sam's way of resolving the argument was by promising to never do it again.

And although he never physically abused her again, he would frequently abuse her psychologically with threats and putdowns. They went to a counselor together. Sam talked about his alcoholic father, who also had a violent temper. The therapist recommended that Sam get into counseling as well. As far as Sam was concerned, his father was history.

Like many men who were abused, he couldn't see how digging up the past would change today. Sam was convinced that if Carol would just back off he wouldn't get so mad. He agreed to make a few calls to therapists but always found reasons for not going, the best being money. After a while Carol just stopped nagging him about it. He came home last Friday after work and found this note:. Dear Sam, I can't live with your anger any more. I've been waiting three years for you to get help and you always have had an excuse not to go to therapy.

I'm not exactly sure why you are so afraid to look at your childhood, but I guess that something happened that was very hurtful and frightening. I know that whatever happened then is still hurting you today. I have tried talking about it, I've tried ignoring it, I've tried being understanding and patient. Nothing seems to help.

You are either cold, distant, and withdrawn, or you're exploding out of control. I can't get close to you. I am still scared that you will become violent with me again. I can't live with your pain and rage any longer. I can tell you are avoiding having contact with me. You're either at work, fixing something around the house, out with your friends, or drinking and watching television.

Please get help before you hurt yourself or someone else. I want you to know that I am safe and will call in about a week, after I have had some time to sort things out for myself.

Trying to find release from narcissistic abuse

Sam lowered his head onto his hand and rested his elbow on the armrest of the couch. There was a long silence. His voiced quivered as he replied, "I don't know why this is important.

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His face was turning red and he was pounding his fist on the armrest as he spoke. This calm man was beginning to transform before my eyes. No matter how important I thought it was that he face his demons, we weren't going to get anywhere unless he thought so as well. I wanted to help him get through these powerful emotions, so I asked him how he was feeling right now, hoping that he didn't think I was sounding like his wife.

How do your arms and hands feel? How about your chest and stomach? What about your head and neck? What are your physical sensations?