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An integral theme of any image editing is layers, especially if you want to go back and manipulate a key section later on. Hammel gives you a tutorial but the techniques you use can be applied to anything. I recently used some of the techniques I learned in this book to add different blinds to an image of our living room, swapping out blinds and colors.

Was that tutorial in the book? Nope, but the technique was! I felt the same way with the tabs section. Like I stated before though, the tutorials are there for you to use the techniques. Maybe someone in advertising could use the techniques. I felt that Mr. Hammel is very gifted in image manipulation and design. I have a feeling he primarily does his work in manipulating multiple stock images, cleaning up photographs and other such images, but his weakness might be in web design graphics and advertising effects.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Book Cover That Will Entice Readers

Hammel for the book though, as what he has presented in this book gives the reader many techniques to branch out on their own and create their own web design and advertising. If you want to get a taste for what the book is like, head on over to the website and check it out. DRM-free makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Recent Articles.

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Documenting Proper Git Usage. Zack Brown.

How to Create an eBook Cover with GIMP

You can then place more text and images on top, change the fonts and play with the layout. Not a member yet? Find out more about how you join. You might want to upload a PDF of the entire cover directly to our system. We will give you all the dimensions that you need to ensure your cover is the right size. This is a good option for people using PhotoShop or InDesign to create their covers.

You can also download the barcode to add to your cover. Editing Editing Essentials Proofreading. Online marketing Social Media Websites and Blogs.

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How to Proudly Design 3D Book Images for Free

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Completely Novel News Cart. About Us Publish Read Advice. On this page: Free cover design templates for your print book Essential info on image resolution, colours and PDFs How CompletelyNovel can help you create a book cover — for free Or, learn more about creating a beautiful self-published book with CompletelyNovel. What you need to know about book cover templates Most publishing services will give you the option to upload your book cover as one file. Look in the layers panel and open the guidelines folder.

You will see that there are specific layers for the front and back covers too. Move these so that they are flush against the outer edges of the template and the gap in the middle will be the size that your spine needs to fill. Widen or narrow the width of the spine layer to get an idea of what your safe area will be, although it will no longer be exact.

Make an easy, beautiful ebook cover with GIMP

You can use the guides within photoshop to help you. Remember to hide or delete the guides when you finish. PNG templates: Use these if you are working with other software or already have your Photoshop file mostly set up. Place or paste these correctly-sized images to ensure that you meet the specifications. Using other software Photoshop is not particularly cheap so if you do want to get deeper into image editing you might prefer to go for a free alternative called Gimp.

Image resolution, colours and PDFs So, now you know about how to make your cover the right size. The Cover Creator is totally free for all CompletelyNovel users.

Opening Your Book Cover in GIMP and Setting Up the Workspace

Cover design — essential further reading What makes an awesome cover? How to write an effective blurb.

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