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The result is a dazzling array of voices that speak the universal language of desire. For the first time, all the major works of this beloved writer are gathered together in one hardcover volume. Foreword The Book of Songs c. Ling —?

Category: Poetry Classics. Hardcover —. Add to Cart. About Chinese Erotic Poems The ancient Chinese tradition of erotic poetry has been largely ignored in the west.


Ovid knew this and directly writes about it. This exemplifies the social nature of the poetry. He is in working dialogue with the public. He writes that he knows of at least one flesh and blood woman who believes that she is the inspiration for his character Corinna. This occurs in book 2 of The Amores. Earlier and again later, Corinna occurs simply as a reference. She is a character.


Early on, she is a hopeful "target" of his affections. Someone to have a go between send letters to. Later, she is a woman who is actually in his arms. Still further on, Corinna is with her rejoicing lover—and readers discover that this man is not her husband, but there is a man who is her husband. This is an important recurring character in the entire set of poetic works, but she figures more prominently during The Amores. Some would argue that her role in the poetry is far more significant than that of the goddess due to her being a genuine literary figure of the poet's creation. However true this is as an example of human creativity, the goddess represents another significant line of these poems, and that is the way Ovid is working with the state religion.

The role of religion in society and of the gods in art and society is of great significance. When the city of Rome was founded, it was believed that gods were behind it, and as soon as the physical aspect of it was reasonably secure, religion was brought into to the city as the next most important feature of life.

Rome was founded by a demi-god, son of a vestal virgin who was raped by the god of war.

Her children thwarted efforts to eliminate an aristocratic lineage, and founded one of the most powerful cities and empires the world has ever known. Corinna, much more demure, is a literary model for real live women in mortal love relations. She is of great importance within the realm of the poetry and tickled the fancies of many Roman people who read the works of Ovid.

In this sense she is more like a means of promotion and marketing for Ovid: she is a lovable and attractive popular fictional character—well known, and known to not be real. This is the god of love. He is referred to at numerous locations about the book. He is not ever depicted entirely clearly. There are certain attributes of the god Cupid that are provided during the poems. Readers must trust that the translator did his work correctly. First and foremost it is made clear that the Roman god is the god of love.

A collection that’s a little on the steamy side of things…:

Next, the author tells readers that he is armedwith a bow. The poet Ovid cries out to this deity, both in gratitude and in supplication, seeking mercy. He is thankful that this god has made him fall in love, and to be able to love. At other times, the poet is resentful towards Cupid and asks, perhaps rhetorically, why has the god done this to Ovid, why has he caused him to love this way?

Cupid is seen as a son. His mother is highly attractive. He is youthful, perhaps even a boy rather than a man. His actions, his ability to cause love, is more inferred than directly stated. Here is a case where the better one knows the ancient religion the easier it would be to understand this poem. He is at times called Love.

This is not only a man, but it is only one man in each case. He appears in many poems as the man to whom the poet's narrative voice is speaking.

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Often they are directly broaching the subject of the wife's infidelity. Ovid gives the husband advice for handling this. The husband is do to this in more than one way. The general recommendation is tolerance. The poet describes ways for coping and provides the husband with reassurance that there will even be gains for him by this rather than losses if he will only heed the advice.

The Erotic Poems Characters

In some cases, Ovid explains, the woman needs only to lie and to deny this, thereby practicing what is known as discretion. The poet is not opposed to this, and suggests that the husband's role is to indulge his own wish to believe any lies and denials that his wife gives so that her infidelity will not disrupt his false, but cheerful belief in her fidelity. Further, Ovid explains that due to this toleration on his part, the wife will be able to endure his nights out with his friends.

Otherwise, she would not be able to endure being left out to this extent. Some form of personal indulgence strongly associated with pleasure is called for.

The poet also tells the husband that his wife will be more popular and therefore he too will have greater social standing when his wife takes lovers. This will also enhance his social connections and he will be apt to receive at least some gifts, and be able to share presents that she receives from other men. There are other poems in which the husband is the one practicing infidelity.

A poem about him denying this to his wife, is followed by one in which he discusses the affair his wife was referring to with the maid, only in this poem he is guilty.

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There are poems within this work, thankfully, where the husband's main concern is his actual wife in a mutual way. The passion of a married couple amongst themselves is also valued. I landed on these 13 erotic poems that I think are genuinely sexy for one reason or another. Poems with sensory detail so rich that I feel embodied in the poem itself also make a strong case for eroticism.

So, here I present to you, 13 erotic poems that span from the classics to the contemporary, each of which made me sigh at least once:. Beautiful, wide-spread, fire upon leaf, what meadow yields so fragrant a leaf as your bright leaf? The Pin. Bring me your pain, love. Spread it out like fine rugs, silk sashes, warm eggs, cinnamon and cloves in burlap sacks.

Show me. Unclasp it like jewels, the gold still hot from your body.

Ovid's Erotic Poems: "Amores" and "Ars Amatoria"

Empty your basket of figs. Spill your wine. That hard nugget of pain, I would suck it, cradling it on my tongue like the slick seed of pomegranate.

I would lift it.