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Today, most of the wheat grown in the Pacific Northwest and many of the vegetables you buy in the market are varieties developed by OSU plant breeders.

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Women have been part of the land grant mission from the first graduating class. A horticulture class prepares a vegetable garden with scientific precision in the late s.

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Today, graduate students lay fiber-optic cable in a tributary of the John Day River to measure incremental changes in water temperature. Innovations come and go, such as the Bugmobile entomologists used to sweep insects in the field.

Fisheries management has changed dramatically since the late s, when seines set at the mouths of coastal rivers captured salmon returning to spawn. Today, fisheries science students use smaller seines to examine the life in coastal bays, an ecosystem that salmon depend on for survival. Today, Extension instructor Nick Andrews helps a grower identify insects captured in a sticky trap. Skip to main content.

The U.S. Land-Grant University System: An Overview -

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Hardcover E-book. Publication Date: Status: Available. Usually ships business days after receipt of order. Trim Size: 6" x 9". Congress, anticipating the territory would want the college to join the extensive community of US land-grant colleges, reserved up to 20 million acres in An Alaska higher education land-grant equivalency plan: it's time.

1890 Land Grant History

The study variables were delimited to the institutional characteristics available in IPEDS and identified in the literature as relevant to indications of institutional performance Blau ; Powell, Gilleland, and Pearson Organizational portfolio management and institutions of higher education. The purpose of this study is to examine college skills Alumni from and Land-Grant universities in Alabama and Tennessee rated as essential to acquire in their college education.

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  5. Evaluation of skills needed in college education by colleges of agriculture alumni from and land grant universities in Alabama and Tennessee. Oakland, Calif.

    Administration - Past: Brief Historical Context - The Morrill Land Grant Act (1862 and 1890)

    Cooperative extension turns University farming research and education began under Woodrow Wilson. This includes land-grant universities and their extension office and experiment stations.